Residential Real Estate Program

RentaSky Media combines quality, price, speed, and service creating packages aimed at offering clients the best value possible.  

The assortment of packages provide clients the choices that best fit their budget, size of property, and type of service selected.  

Our interior HDR photographs are captured using a wide angle lens for full room views.  Exterior photographs are taken from multiple angles and capture the various structures on a typical property.   

Aerial photography and filming is available by a licensed FAA certified UAV pilot using state of the art cinematography systems. 

We also offer a dedicated webpage for your property with several value added features.  Click here to learn more.

Sample photos and starting prices are noted below. 

Sample Photographs


Residential Real Estate Pricing Options_Fall 2020

Additional Information on Packages and Pricing

Included in Packages:

 -Interior photographs are HDR, wide angle, fully edited, ~2 per room.  

 -Exterior photos taken from multiple angles, highlighting property features.

 -Drone packages include a licensed UAV pilot with FAA Part 107 authorization to operate commercially.   

 -Minimum of 30mins on site.

Potential Pricing Impacts

 -Contact us for locations outside of the Pickerington area, so that we may offer you the best value.

 Property SQFT and Acreage

 -Flight operations that require FAA, ATC, or additional authorizations may require an additional fee.

 -Additional trips due to site due to weather, safety, photo and filming needs, or other scenarios…may be an incremental charge.

 -Time On Site

Additional Services:

 -Interior filming, video walking tours, professional voice overs

 -Branded version of video that can be shared as part of a clients marketing efforts. 

 -Broker or agent marketing videos, brochures and flyers

 -Move In Gift:  property wall art photo or canvas

 -and more...Sky is the Limit!

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