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Safety and Privacy Guidelines

RentaSky is an aerial photography and video service provider.

We are licensed and insured, operate using a set of guidelines consistent with recent FAA proposals and are conscientious of the privacy and safety in the communities we serve.

We have safety policies and risk mitigation plans established and pride ourselves in a cautious approach to operating a remote aircraft.

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Conducting an aerial flights is serious business.  Small UAV's are considered aircraft and although technology is very advanced; they are susceptible to fly aways, prop failures, radio interference, and crashes.  An aircraft, even at 5 - 10lbs traveling at 50mph or free falling will cause serious damage and/or injury.  

At RentaSky we have a risk mitigation and safety policies in place to minimize the risk to your project, RentaSky, and the public.  

The PIC on site will make final determination is the flight and filming session is safe to conduct. 

We will not fly inside of 5 miles from major airports, above 400ft AGL(above ground level),  or in unauthorized airspace without proper approvals in place.

The UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle) will be in VLOS (visual line of sight) at all times. Any exceptions will be made in accordance with FAA regulations.

Weather will be assessed at time of flight. Excessive wind (above 20mph), fog, storm alerts, and low clouds may postpone flight.

Surrounding area will be reviewed prior to flight to identify safety or privacy concerns. Any circumstance that may create an unsafe flying experience or impede the privacy of others, may cancel or delay the session.

An UAV inspection will occur at the beginning and end of each session and all flights will be entered into an established flight log.

Every creative effort will be made to achieve the desired images, however safety is first. We will fly at the furthest possible distance from any object in any direction at all times. We will not specifically fly or hover over crowds, live wires, highways, roads, or neighborhood streets with existing traffic. Every effort will be made to capture video or pictures of the area requested that is owned or operated by the customer. It’s expected that other property and people will be captured in footage, just as if a person were taking a picture on the ground.

Complex flights may require a crew to serve as VO, camera operator, and other crew needs.

Additional details are available upon request.

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