RentaSky has been privlieged to support Tyler's Lights thru participating in several of its fundraising events.  Myself and those who helped at the events consider ourselves fortunate to have been able to support.

Below are pictures, videos, and interviews from the various events...

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TL's Mission: To equip our communities and our nation with information and resources to help people choose a drug-free life, while providing resources for family members and/or friends who are involved in the battle against addiction.

TL's Vision:Our Vision for Tyler’s Light is to become the benchmark drug prevention, awareness and support to reduce the loss of life due to drug addiction.

Tyler's Light Short Show on The GetDroned TV Network -- April 2019

Highlights from 2019

The video and photo gallery below are from the 5K on May 4, 2019. 

Hundreds of runners and walkers...all speaking up to save a life!

Thank you to Heartfelt, Photography LLC for donating their time and  partnering with RentaSky Media to support this cause!  These are links to our FB pages if you would like to follow...

TL 5K Highlight Video w/Interviews

TL 5K Photo Gallery 2019

Highlights from 2018

Tyler's Light Benefit Ride

Photo Gallery - Tyler's Light Benefit Ride

Tyler's Light 5K - 2018

Photo Gallery - Tyler's Light 5K Run and Pickerington's Drug Free Club Festival

Highlights from 2017

Benefit Ride 2017

Tyler's Light 5K - May 6, 2017

Benefit Ride GnR Gig

Tyler's Light Interviews 2017

Photos of Benefit Ride 2017

Photos of Tyler's Light 5K 2017

Highlights from 2016

Tyler's Light 5K 2016

Start of 5K Run

Interview 1 at 5K Run

Interview 2 at 5K Run

Interview 3 at 5K Run

Benefit Ride 2016

Photos 5K Run and Benefits Ride

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