This webpage is dedicated to the Picktown Palooza.  RentaSky is honored to support this family fun community event, complete with 3 rocking hot days of music!   Thanks to all of the sponsors and volunteers who work so hard to make this event successful! 

Palooza 2019

RentaSky Media has been the dedicated UAV (drone) operator for the Palooza since the beginning, capturing hundreds of photos and aerial video over the years.  Prepare to GetDroned! 

Look up and wave for a drone selfie!  Catch glimpses of the event live on Facebook and jumbotron at the event.

RentaSky Media has teamed up with Kevin Cramblet this year, expanding our services and archiving of the event.  

Highlight Videos - We captured hours of film, so if you are looking for something specific and don't see in the videos, please feel free to reach out and ask.  The main video is a bit long at 20 minutes.  It is a collection of video clips and photographs from all 3 days...people, bands, crowds...all having some good ole  fashion summer fun!  Enjoy!

Palooza Photo Galleries --- Enjoy the photos! Video highlights coming over the next 3 weeks.

GetDroned sponsors with RentaSky Media, helped to make these photos and video available to everyone!

Palooza 2018

Picktown Palooza '18 - Highlights

Palooza18 Gallery (adding more each day)

SlawDog - Low Res Due to Length

National Anthem - Video Shaky, Still Very Cool

Remembering Last Year

Palooza 2017

Pickerington Palooza 2017

Palooza Photos 2017

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