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About RentaSky

RentaSky's mission is to serve communities and businesses in a way that is unique, exciting, memorable, and facilitates growth. 

I am owner/operator of RentaSky, have lived in Ohio for ~20yrs and enjoyed a successful career as an executive business leader for notable retailers.  Blessed with a fantastic wife and 2 incredible sons...I am fortunate to be able to pursue a passion; starting an entrepreneurial career operating RentaSky, an aerial photography and filming service.

My personal objectives fit neatly with RentaSky's mission.

Simply stated, "to do good".  

Do good by supporting a variety of non-profit and community organizations, building a business that can offer jobs and opportunity for others, and lead by example in the business community.                                                                

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More about RentaSky...

The UAV (aka: drone) industry is young.  Innovative thinking, advanced by technology, created an industry that lifted off 😃around 2014.  RentaSky was part of the first wave of commercial operators; obtaining a FAA 333 exception and night time flight waiver. 

Since that time, new regulations have unfolded and now we operate with what is commonly known in the industry as a CFR 14 Part 107 remote sUAV pilot license.  We've operated hundreds of flights across 6 states and proud of our policies and approach to this industry.  It is one that puts safety, risk management, and a cautious mindset first.  We are licensed and insured professionals;  when at a job we will establish a secure launch / landing area, have visible signage in place, easily identifiable crew (yellow flight vest), and where appropriate be engaged with community and local authorities.

We enjoy our work, sharing knowledge of UAVs, bringing excitement to events, helping others promote their endeavors, and capturing those unique priceless moments from the sky.

In fact, giving our clients more than they expected at a price lower than anticipated, we consider a win.  

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Contact Information

Email: GetDroned@RentaSky.com     

PH: 614.581.3021 

Equipment and Capabilities

Inspire 2 UAV System

Commercial Ready - Professional Filming

Capable of filming 5.2K in CinemaDNG RAW and 4K 60fps.

20.8MP photographs – 15mm and 45mm lenses

Live video feeds available in 1080 and 720 HD. Broadcast ready

Redundant safety features, multiple obstacle avoidance sensors, dual batteries, dual barometers, and dual IMU technologies. Indoor flying ready.

Capable of flying at speeds upwards of 50mph in less than 5sec.

Inspire 1 UAV System

Capable of stunning 4K video and high resolution photographs.

Great for social media videos, events, real estate, and more.

Reliable, safe, multipurpose drone.

NX1 Camera (ground camera)

Capable of filming stunning 4K video 28.0MP photographs – multiple lenses

Action, portrait, indoor, outdoor...versatile camera.

     *Other miscellaneous camera, video, audio equipment.


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