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Welcome to RentaSky Media - Lets GetDroned!

RentaSky offers aerial photography, filming, and video production; producing content for print and digital marketing.  

We combine creative thinking with stunning crystal clear images and video that highlight the beauty, excitement, massive scale, and visual appeal of your project; taking your print and digital marketing to new heights and increasing revenue.

Perfect for social media advertising, brochures, magazines, commercials, personal keepsakes, and more...the sky is the limit!

Check out our new Residential Real Estate Program (click here).  Quality, price, and turn around time we are excited to offer. 

We leverage the latest innovations in UAV technology (aka: drones) that capture high resolution, cinematic style pictures and video.  Our pilots are licensed and insured, holding a CFR Title 14 Part 107 remote sUAV pilot license with night time flying waiver.

We have a variety of offerings and a strong network of partner providers that can support your needs. Including traditional photography, video production and business consults.

Click here for more information on the services we offer.    Or select an icon below. 

Welcome to the GetDroned Club

A collection of people, businesses, places, and events where exciting unique moments are captured and shared. 

These galleries of pictures and video are dedicated to and for our friends and clients.  

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GetDroned Payments

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